The Concept of Holistic and Sustainable Development Based on Harmony


  • Nickolay Suvorov
  • Iryna Suvorova



Based on the use of the Greek language and the concepts of ethics, philosophy and higher mathematics, the LOGOS HARMONY has been developed. LOGOS HARMONY allows establishing the following: the basic constituents of a proper world outlook − belief, spirituality and harmony; the quality of energy of inner and outer interaction between people based on harmony-morality and harmony-ethics; the sense and profound content of moral-ethical rules, laws and canons; scientifically substantiated criteria of quality and perfection of human personality; the concept of cosmotheory – the theory of development of humans and the Universe; the sense of the word “prosperity” as aspiration to the summit and highest point as a unification of energy and high ethics and high morality in a single harmonious unity. It has been proved mathematically that the underpinning of development of a Human Being and Humanity is harmonised energy, and the energy of harmony-peace, and the energy of harmony-love. HARMONY is the basis of holistic sustainable development of nations and the human civilisation.


Keywords: Cosmotheory, energy, harmony, perfection, harmony-morality, harmony-ethics, Orthogonality.




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Suvorov, N., & Suvorova, I. (2015). The Concept of Holistic and Sustainable Development Based on Harmony. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 4(2), 227.