Labour market in Albania. Identifing the shortages of skills in the labor market.


  • Rajmonda Beluli



The labor market is a relationship between the demand (persons who seek work) and supply (job vacancies). The labor market is very complex, to study it we have to know better the characteristics of its variables, ie demand and supply. The Good compatibility between demand and supply is the golden key to well-functioning of labor market. Using the data obtained from questionnaires issued to study the labor market, many shortages are revealed in some sectors, especially in some professions, in terms of labor power, Identification of the skills and training needs of companies is the essence of consultation, orientation to career and training services. The survey through questionnaires  is used as a means of research. The Information obtained from the research on needed skills ought to become an integral part of the Information System on Labor Market (ISLM). The Information on Labor Market that was usually collected through employment services, education and vocational training departments and national training agencies, facilitates the analysis on the efficiency and effectiveness of the training system and estimation of training demand, and enables the employment services and training providers to make possible the adjustment of both, demand and supply. as well. Concerning Albania, it is important to develop effective institutions and policies on labor market in order to reduce the inefficiencies and to create more job vacancies. In this aspect, we need to understand better what is happening with the economy. The results of the study suggest the existence of strong national divisions and regional labor market in terms of age and gender, which are so strong that even if you have in mind the caution that is dictated by the given samlpe it is felt that further investigation will be justified.


Key Words: labor market, population, skills, vacancies, gender




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