A methodology based on spatial distribution of parameters for understanding affect of rainfall and vegetation density on groundwater recharge

Vijai Singhal, Rohit Goyal


Accurate estimation of groundwater recharge is extremely important for propermanagement of groundwater systems. Attempts have been made by various researchers torelate impact of various parameters on groundwater recharge. In the present study, amethodology based on spatial distribution of parameters has been developed forunderstanding affect of rainfall and vegetation density on groundwater recharge.Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) has been used as an indicative parameterfor vegetation density. Raster layers of recharge and various parameters were created for thestudy area and simultaneous values for these parameters were retrieved at the cell level.Zonal analysis was then carried out to understand affect of these parameters ongroundwater recharge. It is observed that the value of recharge increases up to a certainvalue of NDVI, beyond which it starts decreasing with further increase in value of NDVI.The study also reveals a linear trend between groundwater recharge and rainfall. The resultof this study does not provide method of calculating recharge by using single parametersuch as rainfall or NDVI, however, it explores affect of variation in these parameters ongroundwater recharges. The study provides a new insight into the complex interrelationshipbetween groundwater recharge and vegetation density.

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