Vol 5, No 4

Special Issue

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Significance of Cultural Heritage Preservation in Sustainable Cultural Tourism: Muradiye Complex in Bursa, Turkey PDF
Selen Durak, Saliha Tupal Yeke, Tulin Vural Arslan 1-12
Conflict Between Coastal Tourism Development and Sustainability: case of Mostaganem, Western Algeria PDF
Nasr-Eddine Taibi 13-24
Integrating Civil Participation Into Sustainable Development Practice PDF
Christelle Cazabat 25-32
Migration and Sustainable Development: a critical approach PDF
Giuseppina Talamo 33-40
Social justice in development studies literature Historical concept analysis PDF
Ingy Mohamed Abdelhameed 41-50
Sustainable Development: Towards A New Paradigm For India PDF
Raghav Srivastava 51-60
Religions and Global Sustainability. A research study in Catalonia (Spain) PDF
Silvia Albareda-Tiana, Montserrat Gas-Aixendri 61-71
Expressing our Uniqueness to Create a Sustainable Way of Life PDF
Elena DDV Dragotto 72-78
Creating a Unified Foundation for Generative Sustainable Development: Research, Practice and Education: the Perspective of a Development Economist and Practitioner. PDF
Arianna Briganti 79-93
Empirical Research of the Knowledge Degree of Social Economy Enterprises in Stable Micro-communities PDF
Dan Popescu, Cristina State, Valentina Nicolae, Ioana Pavel 94-106
Requirements for the Sustainable Development of Economic Activities in Tropical Forest Communities PDF
Elena Mechik, Michael von Hauff 107-120
Harkaleh Watershed Ecological Capability Assessment for Agricultural Land with an Emphasis on the Sustainable Development PDF
Katayoon Varshosaz, Elham Mubarak Hassan 121-128
Conserving Water & Biodiversity: Traditions of Sacred Groves in India PDF
Mala Agarwal 129-140
Stories from the English riverbank: How riparian communities interpret, articulate and action water resource sustainability PDF
Mary Gearey 141-150
The Assessment of the Efficiency of Classical and co-Operative Training in Promoting The Participation of Employees of R .P.C in the Field of H.S.E PDF
Elham Mubarak Hassan, Katayoon Varshosaz 151-166
The Development of Science Process Skills and Academic Achievement in Chemistry of Matthayom Sueksa Five Students at Ramkhamhaeng University Demonstration School Using the Peer-Assisted Technique. PDF
Maneerat Sa-ngiamjit 167-176
Sustainable Development in the Light of the Teachings of the Encyclical Laudato Si PDF
Reginald Alva 177-186
Social Learning Tools for Environmentally Sustainable Consumption Behavior in Primary Schools PDF
Meenakshi Sharma, Leela Rani 187-202
Developing Children with Special Needs Through Love, Understanding and Rationality. PDF
Nipa Samitasiri 203-208
Intelligibility Redefinition and Students’ Confidence in English Speaking in Thai ELT PDF
Supatranut Singhanuwananon 209-215
Using Scientific Activities to improve the Learning Behavior of Disabled Students in Ramkhamhaeng University. PDF
Wanida Chatwirakom 216-224
Intellectual Property, Health, Regionalism and Development: A Third World’s Perspective PDF
Olasupo Owoeye 225-232
Evaluation of Environmental Worldview from the Perspectives of Undergraduate Students in N. Cyprus PDF
Buket Asilsoy, Selin Laleci, Sinem Yıldırım, Kozan Uzunoğlu, Özge Özden Fuller 233-241
Managing air quality in Suva, Fiji PDF
Cynthia Faye Isley, Peter F. Nelson, Mark P Taylor 242-254
Technological Implementation in the Brazilian Family Farming Context in Order to Minimize CO2 and CH4 Emissions, a Feasibility Analysis. PDF
Roberth Andrés Villazón Montalván, Reney Dorow, Cátia Regina Silva de Carvalho Pinto 255-264
Environmental and Climatic Challenges on the World Heritage Sites PDF
Anfal Saeed Dawood 265-278
Emissions Of Greenhouse Gases From Diesel Consumption In Agricultural Production Of Turkey PDF
Beran ADAY, Can ERTEKIN, Fatih EVRENDILEK 279-288
Environmental Sustainability of the Iron and Steel Industry: Towards Reaching the Climate Goals PDF
Volodymyr Shatokha 289-300
Looking Beyond the Climate Change Convention to Attain Global Sustainability Targets PDF
Kalpana S Murari 301-311
Local Actions to Foster Climate Change Adaptation through Sago Palm Development Initiatives: Examining the Case of South Sulawesi, Indonesia PDF
Marlisa Ayu Trisia, Andi Patiware Metaragakusuma, Katsuya Osozawa, Hu Bai 312-324
Fingerprint Technology and Sustainable Development PDF
Assiya Utzhanova 325-334
GIS-based Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Mountain Regions: A Case Study of the Chepelare Municipality in Bulgaria PDF
Ekaterina Ivanova, Boian Koulov, Bilyana Borisova, Assen Assenov, Kiril Vassilev 335-346
Geospatial Based Information System Development in Public Administration for Sustainable Development and Planning in Urban Environment PDF
Georgios N. Kouziokas 347-352
Innovative Technology for Sustainable New Materials PDF
Valentina Beghetto, Lodovico Agostinis, Renzo Taffarello, Riccardo Samiolo 353-358
Simulation of a Hybrid Urban Transportation Scooter PDF
Ángeles Cancela, René Lastra, Andrés Alfonsín, Ángel Sánchez 359-366
A Probabilistic Topic Model on Energy and Transportation Sustainability Perceptions Within Spanish University Students. PDF
J. Rodríguez Pomeda, Ceci E. Bayas Aldaz, L.A. Sandoval Hamón, F. Sánchez Fernández, F. Casani Fernández de Navarrete 367-374
Economic Evaluation of the National Program for Community Empowerment on Indonesian Rural Poverty: A Case Study of Aceh Province PDF
Sachnaz Desta Oktarina, Jun Furuy 375-382
Evaluating Sustainable Land Revitalization Programs and Policies in the United States PDF
Kelly Tzoumis, Colin Driehorst 383-394
Status and Culture of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi isolated from rhizosphere of Endemic and Endangered Species of Kalapi (Kalappia celebica Kosterm) PDF
Arif Asrianti, FD Tuheteru, AM Husna Kandari, IS. Mekuo, Masnun 395-402
Management of Green Open Space (RTH) in Kendari to Reduce Air Pollution PDF
Lies Indriyani Indriyani, Laode Sabaruddin, Rianse Rianse, La Baco 403-408
Research of the Biotope Diversity for the Purposes of Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Chepelare Municipality (The Rhodopes Region of Bulgaria) PDF
Assen Assenov, Kiril Vassilev, H. Padeshenko, Boian Koulov, Ekaterina Ivanova, Bilyana Borisova 409-420
Mathematical Modelling of Drying of Chlorella sp., Neochloris conjuncta and Botryococcus braunii at Different Drying Conditions PDF
Sevil Karaaslan, Onder Uysal, F. Ozge Uysal, Kamil Ekinci, B. Salih Kumbul 421-430
Application of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Approach in the Accommodation Sector of the Balkan Region PDF
Mariana Assenova, Zdravko Georgiev, Branko Dunjic 431-442
Can Romania offer a sustainable environment for the FDI inflows? PDF
Laura DIACONU (MAXIM) 443-451
Importance of Social and Cultural Behavior of Korean Managers in the Slovak Republic - in Relation to Sustainable Development of Slovak Tourism PDF
Peter Čuka 452-456
Removal of Pb(II) using alginate – immobilized Myriophyllum spicatum beads PDF
Jelena Milojković, Mirjana Stojanović, Marija Mihajlović, Zorica Lopičić 457-463
The Contradiction between Taxa of Conservation Significance and Invasive Species – a Case Study of Sustainable Development in Mala Planina PDF
Borislav Grigorov, Kiril Vassilev, Nikolay Velev, Assen Assenov 464-474
Sustainable Development and Sustainability Management in the European Union Countries PDF
Emilia Huttmanová 475-482
The Hong Kong Jockey Club: Driving Sustainability and Riding High Together – A Case Study PDF
Yihong Yao, Dongya Li 483-496
Economic sustainability of agricultural holdings in Poland in the context of their environmental impact PDF
Wioletta Wrzaszcz, Józef St. Zegar 497-508
Sustainable Development of Seaport Cities through Circular Economy: A Comparative Study with Implications to Suez Canal Corridor Project PDF
Ahmed Mohamed Ezzat 509-522
Adaptive Reuse as A Strategy Toward Urban Resilience PDF
Deniz Ozge Aytac, Tulin Vural Arslan, Selen Durak 523-532
New financial spaces drawn by institutional regulatory barriers. What effects on territorial sustainable development? PDF
Isabella Varraso, Oriana Cesari 533-548
Government Policy as a Driver of Energy Saving in Egypt PDF
Hussameldeen Bahgat 549-557
Good Governance as a Tool of Sustainable Development PDF
Ilija Stojanović, Jovo Ateljević, R. Stevan Stević 558-573

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