Evaluation of the Barrier-Free Tourism and Sustainability of the Barrier-Free Society in Cyprus


  • Fahriye Altinay
  • Zehra Altinay
  • Mehmet Altinay
  • Gökmen Dagli




The main aim of the current study is to evaluate the opinions of the students at the departments of tourism and special education towards to the concept of sustainability of barrier-free tourism and society therefore with the light of this aim, and current study attempted to address how disabled individuals could have an access to the tourism and life opportunities as well as the challenges that they are experiencing while having an access to these opportunities, probable solutions which might be employed to cope with these challenges, universal rights of the disabled individuals about having an access and transportation in contexts barrier-free tourism practices in TRNCThe current study employed a semi-structured interview as a data collection tool. The study group of the current research consisted of 80 participants who are the students at the tourism and specialized education teaching departments at Near East University and the University of Kyrenia. Data were collected with 20 minutes face to face interviews. While performing data analysis, responses of the participants were categorized and placed to the tables and then the researcher(s) re-examined the classified data set and formed underlying themes and categories. With the light of the findings, it can be stated that education at universities, secondary and primary schools should be intensified to inject necessary information to the students regarding barrier free tourism and provision of  health care services for disabled people. At the reffered point. joint commitment should be carried among ministry of education, tourism, heallth and municipalities to raise public awareness regarding barrier free tourism. Additionally media and press should design more programs regarding barrier free tourism at their broadcasting stream to raise public awareness, and in-service trainings for disabled people should be provided to employees in hotels.

Keywords: Barrier- Free Tourism, Sustainable Society, Education, Accessibility, Awareness




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Altinay, F. ., Altinay, Z. ., Altinay, M. ., & Dagli, G. . (2020). Evaluation of the Barrier-Free Tourism and Sustainability of the Barrier-Free Society in Cyprus. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 9(4), 137. https://doi.org/10.14207/ejsd.2020.v9n4p137