Sustainable Development of Society in the Context of the Transformation of the Legal Framework


  • Andrejs Vilks
  • Aldona Kipāne



The socio-economic processes in the world and in Europe are highly dynamic and are aimed at a sustainable development of society. The sustainable and balanced development of society determines the need for the development of coherent and objectively justified elements of the legal system, including the creation of a new legal framework, the permanent reform of law enforcement authorities, and the use of national and international legal practices in socio-economic activities. At present the sustainable development of society is affected by a new socially unfavourable phenomenon COVID-19  that has a global impact on all regions of the world and almost all spheres of life. International organizations and national institutions must be responsible, courageous and determined in tackling the challenges of the crisis and in building a new generation. The global crisis can be a unique opportunity not only to successfully overcome its consequences, but also to ensure a transition to a fair, climate-neutral and digital sustainable Europe. In this context innovative thinking, successful use of modern technologies, transition to new models of social, economic, political and legal governance are needed. In general, this will contribute to the development of the sustainable society based on a full legal framework. Research aim: to identify the current state of the sustainable development of society, including the impact of COVID-19, by modelling the potential development of it, in accordance with the perspective of transnational socio-economic development. Research methods: study of legal literature and literary sources, the Internet resources, method of modelling, as well as descriptive and analytical methods. 

Keywords:  COVID-19, sustainable development, crisis, society, the legal framework




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Vilks, A. ., & Kipāne, A. . (2020). Sustainable Development of Society in the Context of the Transformation of the Legal Framework . European Journal of Sustainable Development, 9(4), 181.