Interaction of Digital Trends and Sustainable Development: The role of Contemporary Art


  • Olesia Stoliarchuk
  • Kristina Binkivska
  • Svitlana Khrypko
  • Iryna Spudka
  • Volodymyr Chop
  • Ivan Chornomordenko
  • Нanna Salo



The purpose of the work is to analyze the impact of digital technologies on the sustainable development of contemporary art - an overview of the main trends that have emerged as a result of the integration of new media into artistic practices. The article methodologically classifies various genres of digital art by means of a critical qualitative analysis of practices, artworks, installations, exhibitions, collectives and events at the forefront of artistic innovation with new technologies. The scientific novelty lies in a comprehensive analysis of digital art through the prism of the concept of sustainable development. The work considers digital art not just as another technological innovation, but as a full-fledged artistic phenomenon of our time. The systematization of artistic practices associated with the use of the latest technologies is carried out, their common conceptual foundations are revealed. In addition, the article deals with issues of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, inclusiveness of digital practices. The dilemmas around the balance of technological innovation and artistic freedom from the perspective of sustainability ethics are outlined. The conclusions provide a conceptual understanding of optimal pathways for developing digital art in relation to societal sustainability.

Keywords: digital art, sustainable development, new media art, network art, generative art, interactive art, AI, VR,  AR, digital culture




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Stoliarchuk, O. ., Binkivska, K. ., Khrypko, S., Spudka, I. ., Chop, V. ., Chornomordenko, I. ., & Salo Н. . (2024). Interaction of Digital Trends and Sustainable Development: The role of Contemporary Art. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 13(1), 278.