Digital Technologies in the Process of Forming Sustainable Strategies for Agricultural Enterprises in International Markets


  • Alona Tanasiichuk
  • Svitlana Kovalchuk
  • Larysa Ivanchenkova
  • Olha Hromova
  • Havenko Mykhailo
  • Anna Shevchuk



The active phase of applying digital technologies contributed to their implementation in forming sustainable strategies for agricultural enterprises in international markets. It is proved that the development of certain functions of international marketing and their active extension beyond the enterprise, the development of a scheme of interaction with the consumer, and intra-company integration with increased feedback in modern conditions have gained practical importance and ensured the formation of sustainable strategies of agricultural enterprises.

Ukrainian enterprises, having not yet fully resumed business activity after the COVID-19 pandemic, have entered a new risk zone caused by the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Ukrainian companies understand the responsibility of business for the state of economic recovery in Ukraine and are trying to act here and now to stay afloat.

Digital technologies are being actively implemented in various economic sectors, so Ukrainian agricultural enterprises have to use digital progress to effectively develop sustainable strategies in international markets to remain competitive in today's market. 

It has been proven that in the current conditions of international business activity, only those companies that can use promising digital technologies in the early stages of business development will remain competitive.

It is substantiated that, depending on the specialization of the enterprise and the specifics of the goods or services provided there, the segments of domestic and international markets in which goods and services are sold, it is worth choosing connectivity platforms that will act as information support for enterprises in the process of forming sustainable strategies in international markets. 

International marketing research was conducted to select new international markets based on information collected from the "Trade Map" and "Theglobaleconomy" connectivity platforms, which operate on a user's request.

Using the example of the product group "1512 Sunflower oil", two segments of attractive international markets for Ukrainian agricultural producers were identified. The first segment is the markets of Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium, where there are favorable business conditions for Ukrainian farmers. The second segment is the markets of Poland, Bulgaria, and the United Kingdom, where there is an opportunity to increase sales of sunflower oil. It is substantiated that the intensification of business activities of agricultural producers of the product group "1512 Sunflower oil" will allow in the short term to ensure the implementation of the sustainable development strategy, despite all the difficulties that have arisen as a result of the active phase of the war in Ukraine. 

Keywords: digital technologies, sustainable development strategy, international business activities, a system of indicators of attractiveness of international markets, connectivity platforms, segmentation of international markets, agricultural enterprises




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