Self-Development as a Vector of Sustainable Development of Society: The Perspective of Ukrainian Students


  • Olesia Stoliarchuk
  • Oksana Serhieienkova
  • Svitlana Khrypko
  • Natalia Prorok
  • Svitlana Kalishchuk
  • Marina Kolinko
  • Kristina Binkivska



The discrepancy between one's own personality and the desired self-image causes dissonance. But one can always change everything if one cares not only about one's own “EGO”, but also about the values of a sustainable future. Self-actualization, self-development, self-determination - these are potential determinants of human existence as such. The ideological identity combines the memory of the past, the value realities of the present life, and outlines the vector of respect for the life of future generations, which in turn actualizes the conceptual paradigm of the concept of sustainable development a priori. The implementation of the social component of sustainable societal development involves maintaining and enriching the mental health and psychological well-being of citizens. A powerful internal resource for this is self-development, which is a vector of self-realization, unlocking potential and increasing the resilience of the individual. The aim of the empirical study was to examine the attitudes and activity of future psychologists regarding self-development as a vector for realizing the ideas of the concept of sustainable societal development. Materials and methods: The study involved 156 Ukrainian students studying psychology. Methods of written surveys, statistical processing and qualitative analysis of diagnostic data, ranking were used. Results: It was found that self-development is an important factor in the professional development success of future psychologists, an effective motive for their learning and a significant professional priority. Most respondents clearly understand the connection between their own self-development and the sustainable development of Ukrainian society. 

Keywords: self-development, sustainable societal development, social component of sustainable societal development, students, future psychologists, professional training




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Stoliarchuk, O. ., Serhieienkova, O. ., Khrypko, S. ., Prorok, N. ., Kalishchuk, S. ., Kolinko, M., & Binkivska, K. . (2024). Self-Development as a Vector of Sustainable Development of Society: The Perspective of Ukrainian Students . European Journal of Sustainable Development, 13(1), 428.