Organizational Honestly Guidance by Ability Superintendents


  • Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand



The role of organizational is to implement organizational tactic. Effective organizationalhonestly guidance is one of the important factors in organizations success. There areability superintendents who argue that formal written planning may be inappropriate forthe organizations but this seems a minority view. The tactics importance of organizationalcustomers is discussed as an asset. Also this paper describes the approach toorganizational honestly guidance at organizations. This paper proposes a relation oforganizational honestly guidance by ability superintendents and reviews the organizationaltactics and performance measurement literature to develop a conceptual model andresearch propositions. It is concluded that ability manager's characteristics can beimportant in explaining and compilation the organizational honestly guidance within theorganizations for implementation. This paper is to explore the ways in which certaincharacteristics of ability superintendents of organizations generate a tendency to prepareformal written organizational tactics. The ability manager's characteristics showing asignificant association with a commitment to organizational honestly guidance and alsoorganizational honestly guidance showed a positive association with those abilitysuperintendents with a growth orientation. In fact, organizations influence whether or notthose organizations engage in organizational tactics. In this field, the focus is on thespecial characteristics of ability superintendents such as education type and level.




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Farahmand, N. F.- hi. (2012). Organizational Honestly Guidance by Ability Superintendents. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 1(2), 287.