New Innovation of low cost solar still


  • S H Sengar
  • Y P Khandetod
  • A G Mohod



Different solar stills were developed and evaluated for comparison withother solar stills available in market. Comparatively more distilled water was obtainedfrom the solar still having an area of 1m2 fabricated in fiber or metal body with glassglazing like single slope ,double slope and wick type solar still. Average maximumtemperature and humidity was more in double slope, single slope and wick type solarstill and hence the average quantity of distilled water obtained as 1350 ml/day, 1550ml/day and 2450 ml/day respectively. The plastic made up of W-shape solar stillprovided with 3 channels produce maximum distilled water as 2104 ml/day where as W-shape solar still with two channels erected on concrete and ground produced only1012ml/day and 1443 ml/day respectively. L shape solar still produce average distilledwater was 925 ml/day which was very low among the all type of solar still. Comparativecost of compact nature of solar stills like single slope, double slope and wick type solarstill was more than Rs.7000/- which is four times more than newly developed W-shape3 channel solar still. Comparative output from newly developed solar still was low but ithas several advantages that it is cheapest, cost efficient and easy to clean. Concentrationof pH, EC, TDS and ions in solar distilled water was found to be similar as conventionaldistilled water. The cost of W shape three channel solar still is recovered within 4months 6 days only.




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Sengar, S. H., Khandetod, Y. P., & Mohod, A. G. (2012). New Innovation of low cost solar still. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 1(2), 315.