Development of Scale of Attitude Toward Social Sustainable Development Awareness


  • Mustafa Doğru
  • Cem Oktay Güzeller
  • Tuna Gencosman
  • Dilara Saka



The purpose of the study is to develop a scale of attitude in order to be used in determining the level of the attitudes of teacher candidates studying in Science Teaching toward sustainable development awareness as social perspective. 332 teacher candidates studying at Science Teaching Department had constituted the study group. According to the data obtained from the scales, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were performed in the process of testing the construct validity of the scale. As the result of exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, it was found that the model consisting of 30 items and single factor was theoretically and statistically appropriate. And when the results obtained regarding reliability are considered, it can be said that the scale has reliability at sufficient level. It was observed that this Scale is usable in respect of revealing the attitudes of teacher candidates toward social sustainable development awareness.

 Keywods: Sustainable Development Awareness, Social Dimension, Science Education, Teacher Candidates




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Doğru, M., Güzeller, C. O., Gencosman, T., & Saka, D. (2015). Development of Scale of Attitude Toward Social Sustainable Development Awareness. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 4(3), 23.